San Mateo Parking

Pre Sale NCVA Group Area - May 4, 2024

PLEASE CHECK IN AT TAILGATING BOOTH BEFORE OCCUPYING YOUR SPACE Tailgating Permit - Fee is per day. Parking Fee is not included with your tailgate permit. One Tailgate permit is equal to 2 adjacent parking spaces in an assigned area. - No recreational vehicles allowed. Ticket must be displayed in clear view at all times. No open fires. No portable generators. No saving spaces. No obstructing adjacent parking spaces or drive aisles. No disruptive music or noise. No glass containers of any kind - including bottles and cups. No alcoholic beverages. Tents and awnings must not block adjacent parking spaces or impede drive aisles. Tents and popup shade awnings must be secured using no stakes. Properly dispose of all trash before leaving.

This Pass is good only for May 4, 2024   - By checking into your space you agree to occupy space.  There will be no refunds due to weather